Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: Triple Dog Dare, One Year of Dynamic Devotions For Boys by Jeremy V. Jones

"The Bible is full of action. Remember how David slew Goliath, Daniel faced those lions, Paul survived a shipwreck and Jesus stood up for a woman about to be killed? God made boys to take His truth and do something with it, to man up and change the world. These action-packed devotions for boys ages 9 to 12 are filled with godly truth and bold spiritual challenges that transform time with God into the adventure of the day."

Published October 2011 by David C. Cook
384 pages
Non-Fiction/Christian Devotional for Boys
For ages 9 and up

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Paperback $9.99

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Paperback $10.19

Thank you to David C Cook and B and B Media Group for my free review copy!

Yesterday I reviewed a devotional book for girls entitled Truth and Dare, One Year of Dynamic Devotions For Girls by Ann-Margret Hovsepian. This book in every way focuses on young girls from the front cover to its content, through to the dare project and journaling.
Triple Dog Dare, One Year of Dynamic Devotions For Boys by Jeremy V. Jones. This devotional book also in every way focuses on young boys from the bold edgy primary colored front cover, through to the devotional content of truth and dare, to the mission accomplished section.
I noticed that the devotional sections are briefer than in the girls devotional. The writing is more to the point, less descriptive chat.
Each day marked by the day of the week, has a Bible verse to read, devotional part is entitled "Truth" section and a living it out by "Triple Dare" section , then a "Mission Accomplished--- What did you do? What did you learn?" section. 
The author impresses upon the reader to stand up for what they believe, to not back down but to live out what they know in their heart is right.
The devotional book to me is perfectly geared for young boys in that it reaches them the right way in getting their attention. It lifts them up, gives them a goal, encourages them and strengthens them.
Weekend sections are 2 pages in length. For example "How to Build Up Your Body"---this weekend section focused on physically building up strength by exercise. Another weekend section focuses on how to handle a bully.
There are pages marked "Your Page" a short sentence is started and the reader is to continue free writing, for example: "I feel closest to God when....."
I have 2 sons both now grown. I would have loved to have given them this devotional book when they were young boys.

Blissful Reading!

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