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Book Review: Simon And The Easter Miracle, A Traditional Tale For Easter by Mary Joslin and Illustrated by Anna Luraschi

The story of Simon And The Easter Miracle is actually the embroidered story of Simon the man who was asked to carry Jesus' cross. See real story Luke 23:26.

I must first state that this hardcover book has lovely watercolor illustrations from the front cover to the back cover. I enjoyed seeing some of the same familiar animals on more than one page: such as the frisky cat, long nosed puppy, and yellow beaked bird. Each page has much to view, the pictures alone can bring about discussion while reading the book to small children.
This is a book geared for young children. I understand that at a 5 year olds age telling the Easter story is different, than telling an Easter story to a 11 year old, or a 15 year old.
As a child grows older more detail is given.
My 8 year old granddaughter and 6 year old grandson do not understand fully the word peace, at least not as they will at an older age.
Peace to them is something or someone that is friendly and calm, loving and docile.
Real peace as we are taught in the New Testament, is only made possible by Jesus. Because of His shed blood on the cross we are no longer an enemy to God. We are made in a right-standing, we are at peace with Him.
I understand what the author was trying to present in her book. I do believe an additional page should have been added. After the page about the place of crucifixion. I believe a brief and simple explanation, as to why Jesus died on the cross, and why we have "real" and "true" peace. That even when we have a "no good very bad day." We can have peace inside our hearts no matter how old we are.
I believe the use of a dove is a starting point, but not the end all for this book.
Easter is not just the previous day of crucifixion, but the risen Christ Jesus that conquered death.
Another emphasis in the book is on kindness, this too is important. But kindness should always come from the well-spring of a heart focused on Christ Jesus.
The last page is unclear to me, maybe a riddle? Maybe, because Simon was kind he was materially blessed?
Blessings are not always material. The choice of blessing is up to the Lord. And not for us to propose.

Published by Lion Hudson 2012
Hardcover/32 pages
For ages 5 and up

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