Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David and illustrated by Clare Caddy

The first thing I noticed about this book is that it is truly kid friendly, especially for the young child.
1. The book is not quite 7 inches tall and less than 5 inches wide. This size makes it easy to hold and carry.
2. The front and back cover is thick and sturdy.
3. The inner pages are heavy.
4. A hidden spiral holds the pages together. This also helps to make it easy to turn the pages. It also helps to hold the book open to lay flat.
5. In addition, the water-color pictures are on every other page for visual stimulation.
There is a table of contents showing 27 included stories.
Starting in the Old Testament is the story of "Noah and His Great Ark." The Bible concludes with "How Paul Got Out of Jail."
A Bible reference is given for each story.
The water-color pictures are descriptive and vibrant. They include small animals, families together working, facial expressions, and standing alone they represent well the written story.
The printing of the stories is large type-font, as well as bold print.
The Bible stories are brief, yet explain well the message.

In every way I really liked this book, except for 1 major problem.
There is no story of Jesus' crucifixion or resurrection.The stories go from the story of Zacchaeus to a story about Paul and then the book ends.
To me there can be no Bible, no Good news, without the story of Jesus' redeeming work on the cross and His resurrection------Even young children are taught this in Bible class.

Thank you to Lion Hudson, Kregel for my free review copy!

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Published by Candle Books/Lion Hudson, a distributor of Kregel Publications March 2012
104 pages
For young children 3 +
Hardcover $9.99
Book will be available in US mid May 2012

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