Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: The Titanic Lost...And Found by Judy Donnelly, illustrated by Keith Kohler

This book is a Step-into-Reading, Step 4

Published by Random House 1987
48 pages
For ages 7 and up
Paperback $3.99
Paperback $3.99
Kindle $3.99

My 8 year old granddaughter Celeste and I watched a Discovery documentary on the Titanic. Since then Celeste has been very interested in knowing more about the history of the Titanic. I made a trip to a local Barnes and Nobles and bought her 2 books: The Titanic Lost...And Found by Judy Donnelly and
National Geographic Readers: Titanic.

The Titanic Lost...And Found, is a great starting point for interest in the Titanic ship and disaster. It gives basic information about how the ship looked, added is a great view of the insides of the ship---another words the picture shows a split image opening up the rooms and compartments for full viewing.
The Titanic is compared to be the length of an 11 story building, or 4 city blocks.
The book teaches of the differences in socio-economic status of the people on board the Titanic.
Immigrants traveled in the bottom decks, while the wealthy traveled in the top decks. More survivors were from the upper decks.  
Included is the night of April 14, 1912 when the ship struck an iceberg. A little over 2 hours later the Titanic sank in the early morning of April 15. 
The author states how many people had been on board, and how many people that the lifeboats could hold.
It was the Carpathia ship that picked up the survivors.
After the Titanic disaster, new laws were passed to ensure safety on ocean liners.

I thought this was a very interesting book. Celeste also enjoyed reading it.
The book was educational, held the attention of both Celeste and I, and the illustrations were an added gem.

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