Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review: Westward Expansion, An Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur

This is a wonderful visually appealing book.
The beginning pages define the term "manifest destiny." Americans wanted to inhabit "all" of the land of America. They felt it was their "given right" to do so. It did not matter that Native Americans had lived in this land for thousands of years. From the mid 1800's onward---first in a trickle of people moving westward, later in masses, eventually inhabiting all of the west. The Native American's were removed forcibly from their "sacred" hunting grounds and put on land that no one else wanted.
This book tells 4 themes, but with the ability for the reader to choose the "trail" so to speak with a different outcome for each choice. Not all choices end well and a sensitive child might be startled.
I loved this book! I thought it was a different way of telling history, giving the reader a choice in how to view the era of westward expansion.
The book is a mix of illustrations and photographs.
The type-face is bold.
Clear instructions are given about the choices and order of pages to view.
I highly recommend this book to parents, teachers and home-schooling mom's!

Published by Capstone Press 2008
112 pages
Historical Fiction/Pioneer/Native American/ Railroad/Cowboy
Young Adult Fiction

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Paperback 6.25

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Ms. Yingling said...

I got a few of these recently for my library, and the 6th grade boys really liked them. I have problem with the "choose your own" format since I want to make ALL the combinations, but they certainly appeal to the intended audience!