Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: Colonial America, An Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur

This is the 3rd You Choose book I've read and I have been impressed with all of them. They give both freedom and entertainment to a child by being able to make different choices. I will add not all choices end-well.
Three people, one for each chapter, are hoping to leave England in hope of a better life in America. I was glad a woman was included in a chapter.
Indentured servant was a common way for people to be able to afford to come to America. The person whether male or female would sign a contract promising they would work for a period of time in exchange for a free passage. Indentured servant was before slavery. A slave would not be able to earn their freedom, an indentured servant eventually would work till their passage was paid for and then be released. 
The time period of history in this book was from early 1600's until American Revolution. The Colonial period was from 1607 until "the colonists won the Revolution in 1783."
Included is geographical information on each of the three colonies. For example on the rocky coast and forested areas of New England: timber, fish and fur was the industry for people.
The French and Indian War, American Revolution, French and British held lands, taxation, are all taught in brief.
This book should be considered an introduction for a young child in Colonial American history.

Published in 2011 by Capstone Press
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Reading Level 3-4
This is a You Choose Book, An Interactive Ability to choose different outcomes.

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Paperback $6.25

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