Friday, November 16, 2012

Update For Late 2012

I will not be posting new reviews on this blog.
I do not plan to close this blog as it holds six years of book reviews. At this point I'll leave it open for storage.
I've had many new opportunities for reviewing books in 2012 with publicity groups, or publishers, or authors, that have contacted me. These reviews have been posted on my other 2 blogs. I've also had opportunities to take part in creative writing projects.
I will still continue, when I'm offered a chance, to review children or young adult books, the reviews will not be on this blog. These reviews will be placed on my other 2 blogs.
I have 2 blogs I actively review on: A Well-Watered Garden (Christian fiction and non-fiction of all genres and ages), Impressions In Ink (All other type books).
This blog is where it all began for me in early 2007. I've come along ways from the new kid on the blog block. I'm thankful for everyone who has encouraged me, given me opportunities for growth, commented, quietly read my posts, and those blogger friends I've met.

Thank you,
Annette K.
aka Miss Daisy Anne

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